SmartGeocache V5.0 - WiFi Homepage Station (Mini)

Geocachers love High-Tech!
That's what the SmartGeocache offers: An interactive mystery and high-tech experience, that can be adaped individually to your Geocache, without Internet, without programming knowledge, withtout electronic knowledge, without a PC. You only need your Smartphone to configure it.

How does it work?

The Cacher will bring his own Powerbank, this will provide the energy to power up your SmartGeocache. Your advantage: You don't need to replace batteries, this will lead to almost no maintenance for your high-tech Geocache station. After connecting the Powerbank the SmartGeocache, will host it's own WiFi, to which the Cacher can connect his Smartphones. By using the web browser app, he can now visit your own WiFi Homepage. Another advantage:  No internet required! Your Homepage is stored on the SmartGeocache, and its content just fits perfectly to the individual Story of your Geocache.  Your interactive mysterys must be solved on your Homepage and the right answers must be typed in, to find the next station or the final. Your WiFi Homepage can contain Pictures, Audios, Vidoes, PDF's, secret Webpages and so on. For example crossword puzzles, Sudoku oder Morse cCdes (MP3). Whatever your creativity brings into your mind! Additionaly extentions can be connected to the SmartGeocache, like a Laserpointer that shows the way to the next Station, or a interlock that keeps the cache locked away. A door that can only be opend by your Smartphone? Isn't that more modern than your houses door  and your garage door together ;-)  After solving your mystery, the Cacher can also log in the digital logbook on your WiFi Homepage. This can be a nice feature and gives the whole advanture another interactive "kick". But important for placing the Geocache, put a paper log into the final stage, and set the Attribute: "Wireless Beacon: Requires reading a Transponder signal"


Homepage Editor

The big thing in Version 5.0 is the Onboard-Hompage-Builder that brings everything to create your own WiFi Homepage WITHOUT any HMTL and WITHOUT any programming knowledge. You can add as many webpages as you want, which can contain puzzles or information to find the cache. You can choose between 40 color styles and in addition to that, you can also add your own color styles. Different layouts in combination with the homepage elements, will give you many options to design your Homepage, that it matches perfectly with your Geocache. 

Buttons, digital Logbook, Pictures, Audios, Videos, PDF and so on will be automatically embedded into the responsive layout. This will make your WiFi Homepage look pretty professional.

The Webpage examples, which you can view in the product photos, were created with a Smartphone in just a few minutes. It does not require a PC. Quite the contrary, it was designed so simple that it works fine with a Smartphone, you don't have to be a webdesigner ;-)

By the way, if you are a pro, you can upload your own HTML, CSS, JS files onto the SmartGeocache and build your 100% own Homepage, without using the Onboard-Hompage-Builder.


You can save multiple texts which will be displayed on the oLED-Display, if a Webpage is opened. These texts can contain coordinates, codes, passwords, mysterys, puzzles, whatever matches with your Geocache. The texts can be static (still) or scroll (ticker). The font size can be adjusted and with some little tricks, like putting empty space between the letters,  you can create very interresting tickers. The Display is a further way to provide more interactivity and individuality to your Geocache Station.  By the way, the integrated digital Logbook can displayed only on the oLED-Display or on the Smartphone or both.



You can connect different "Extentions", additional modules, to the SmartGeocache, which can be activated on the WiFi Homepage, if all your mysteries have been solved. Will it be a WiFi Laser Station or a WiFi Interlock ? Or maybe both together ? It's up to you! You can buy the extentions additionaly in our Shop.
The Mega board can also use Input-Extentions (Sensors).  For example: A Geocacher has to illumnate a Lasersensor with a Laserpointer, then the mystery is solved and the next Webpage on the SmartGeocache can be opend.

You can build very cool Geocache Stations with sensors, just try them out and be creative!


Difference between Mega Board and Mini Board
You can connect only one Output-Extention to the Mini Board. You can't connect Input-Extentions to the Mini Board.
You can connect up to 6 different or same Output AND Input-Extentions to the Mega Board.


Absolute Ratings
Temperature :   -40 to 125°C ( typical 20°C)

Supply Voltage: 5Vdc (Micro USB Connector)

Dimensions : ca. 55x35x10 mm

Weight: ca. 10g

WiFi range : Indoor ca. 10 meter / Outdoor ca. 100 meter

Max-Output-Current @5V : 0.5 Ampere

Max-Input-Volatage @ I/O Pins:  3.3 Volt 

Max-Output-Current @ I/O Pins:  15mA


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