WiFi Morsecode Station (Output-Extension)

The Morse Code Station can be used together with the SmartGeocache as an addional Module (Output Extension), which is activated via the SmartGeocache Webpage,  or it can also be used as a Standalone WiFi Morse Code Station.


It can optional be used with its own Password. In this case the  WiFi Morse Code Station has a own WiFi Webserver with its own Webpage, on this Webpage the cacher has to type in the Password, then the Morse Code will be displayed via Laserpointer oder LED.

The Morse Code Station has its own Micro USB Port but it can also be supply voltage via the Dataconnection Cable (view it in the Pictures)

The Morse Code can be a Text, Password, Koordinates or whatever.

The Station has its own Password secured Admin Area in which you can change the Morse Code and the Station Password.


By the way you could also connect a WiFi Relay Station and a POWER LED, (view it in the Pictures)


Possible Connections:

SmartGeocache V5.0 Mega  :  Pin 1, 5, 6
SmartGeocache V5.0 Mini : Pin 1


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