Extension: WiFi LED Station

With this Extension you can activate a LED-Light on your WiFi Homepage, if all your mysteries have been solved.


This is cool for night caches, with batteries and a solar panel. You can connect to the SmartGeocache over 100m distance, without knowing where it is. And after solving the mysteries on the Homepage, it lights up like a lighthouse and shows where the cache is.

Or you can simply build a lamp, or a light for your TB Hotel ;-)


This Extension can be connected to all Output Pins of the SmartGeocache V5.0, you can connect up to 6 of these extensions.

If you connect it to Pin 3 & 4 it can be possible that it flickers for half a second during the start (boot) of the SmartGeocache.


Possible Connections:

SmartGeocache V5.0 Mega  :  Pin 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
SmartGeocache V5.0 Mini : Pin 1


Extension: WiFi Laser Station
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