Extension: WiFi Laser Station

With this Extension you can activate a laser on your WiFi Homepage, if all your mysteries have been solved.


This is cool for night caches:

You can simply put it on a tree in a waterproof housing and let the laser shine out.

Or your can use it with batteries and a solar panel. You can connect to the SmartGeocache over 100m distance, without knowing where it is.

And after solving the mysteries on the Homepage, it the laser gets activated and shows the path to the cache.

 Laserpointer Data:

<5mW / 650nm / 3V

 Range: Hundrets of meters during night


This Extension can be connected to all Output Pins of the SmartGeocache V5.0, you can connect up to 6 of these extensions.

If you connect it to Pin 3 & 4 it can be possible that it flickers for half a second during the start (boot) of the SmartGeocache.


Possible Connections:

SmartGeocache V5.0 Mega  :  Pin 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
SmartGeocache V5.0 Mini : Pin 1


Extention: WiFi Laser Station
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