Magnet-Sensor (Input-Extension)

If a magnet is near the Sensor, it sends a Signal to the SmartGeocache. Only then additional Actions may occure like a specific Webpage may be unlocked and can be viewed by the Geocacher, or a door can be opend with a Servo Motor.


Possible Connections:

SmartGeocache V5.0 Mega  :  Pin 1, 5, 6
SmartGeocache V5.0 Mini :     Not connectable!


 The SmartGeocache 5.0 Mega Board has only one 3V3 Pin to supply a Sensor with 3,3 Volt. But if you want to connect more than one Sensor (Input Extensions) you need a 3V3 Sensor Connector, which is sold addionaly in our Shop.

It is also possible to connect Sensors to Pin3 and Pin4 but it is noch recommended because a wrong signal could make the Smartgeocache fail during boot (start procedure)

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3,90 €

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